Amazing technology.

3 Okt

Schermafbeelding 2016-10-03 om 10.05.50.png

Last time I was amazed by technology was by Google Translate but last Saturday tech hit me again. For the first time in two years I got on my racebike again. After the Mortirolo in August 2014 (killing my knee) and starting my Master in September 2014 (killing time) I decided to stop biking. Last Saturday was my first ride as a Master. 39 kilometers behind my racepal Jacco. They  say the first time is always the worst time. I hope so.

But enjoying one of Jacco’s famous recovery spinach shakes I felt like Popey and seeing our  ride on Strava gave me wings for the rest of the day. All you need is a Garmin and Strava and a friend like Jacco in front of you.

Amazing what technology can do. Thanks Jacco.


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  1. Ready, throw, go! | Design Thinking by Doing - 4 oktober 2016

    […] Yesterday I shared another piece of amazing technology. Garmin records your bike race and transforms it into a Google maps video with all the racestatistics. When I showed it to my son in law he asked me “Do you know Lily?” I said no and he showed me the ready, throw, go camera. […]

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